Bigger and Brighter Eyes!

Always fancied having bigger and brighter eyes? Now you can! No amount of money spent on makeup or cosmetic surgery can make your eyes actually look bigger. But pop on a pair of BIG eyes2 by CLEARVUE and you’ll be amazed by the difference! BIGeyes2 promises to draw attention to your peepers by making them seem larger and giving you that doe-eyed appeal.

BIG eyes2 is the first contact lens in the Asia market to have a unique ring. This unique ring helps to enhance and define your eyes, making them bigger and brighter.

BIG eyes2 has a high water content which allows for longer lasting comfort. They come in 6 different shades including the calm BLUE; funky GREEN; mysterious GREY; romantic VIOLET; affectionate HAZEL and NATURAL which gives you naturally bigger eyes. They are also available in regular prescription variety as well, thus, it has never been easier to change your look.

BIG eyes2 are suitable for everyday wear and are perfect for any occasion.

BIG eyes2 are soft monthly disposable contact lens which are high in comfort and cosmetically enhancing. It is more than just eye color; it is all about eye definition.

You can buy Big Eyes2 at Nanyang outlets in Singapore. Visit for more info.